Our products may need the batteries replaced every 1-2 years, as the batteries will begin to wear down over time. They will either take an AA or AAA Rechargeable Batteries for your solar garden art. Note our Tea Lanterns require a rechargeable 1.2V, 40MAH coin battery.

Rechargeable batteries can be purchased through many sources. Many local convenience stores, hardware stores and local markets carry rechargeable batteries. If you are having trouble finding them locally, you can try one of the larger chain retailers either at their stores or on their websites. Here is a list of online dealers:

Home Depot
ACE Hardware
Best Buy
Office Max

The rechargeable coin battery for our Tea Lantern can be found at

You can now purchase the batteries directly from us by calling Allsop Home & Garden at 866-425-5767 or email at - we can help you troubleshoot to ensure you get the best results with your Allsop Home and Garden products!


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