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Lifter Pad - 4-pack, Lime

Lifter Pad - 4-pack, Lime

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Lifter Pads do the heavy lifting so you don't have to! Position Lifter Pads under heavy or bulky items to prevent rot,
staining and mold from growing underneath. Lifter Pads lift to aerate and ensure dryness under large pots, statuary,
storage cabinets, deck boxes, boat boxes and a variety of other items found around the home. Simply hose beneath
elevated items to keep surfaces clean.

Perfect for use outdoors, indoors or the garage!

Specifications: 3˝ round rubber/plastic dome. Available in lime or cocoa color; both in packs of four pads.

This is the "big brother" product to smaller Pot Pads.

Model# 31479

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