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WheelEasy™ LE

WheelEasy™ LE

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Yard work is fun, but we’re always looking for ways to make it easier. Why break your back if you don’t have to? Allsop has a great way to save your back and still enjoy working in the garden.

The WheelEasy™ LE is the next step in the evolution of the wheelbarrow. But to be technical, it’s unfair to think of it as a wheelbarrow. The WheelEasy™ LE is a compact and economical collapsible yard cart. It’s the ideal product for yard work ranging from collecting weeds to spreading bark, moving gravel or rocks or even pruning. Seriously ... this tool will make the work easier.

When you drop the handles to the ground, you get ground-level loading. You don’t need to lift anything to get it into the WheelEasy™ LE, just rake, shovel or slide. The only lifting you do is lifting the handles from the ground. Due to the barrow's low center of gravity, you only push a small portion of the total load.

The WheelEasy™ LE is perfect for replanting a shrub, weeding, picking vegetables, moving a boulder, spreading bark, or raking leaves.

Wheeleasy™ LE: 3ft wide, 4ft long - holds up to 150lbs

Model# 28162

WheelEasy LE Instructions (667 KB)



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