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Soji™ Solar Lantern -  White & Amber LED

Soji™ Solar Lantern - White & Amber LED

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Our original White Soji™ Lantern is equipped with two high-powered amber colored LEDs creating a warm and romantic golden glow by night.

Soji™ solar powered lanterns glow without the hassle of electrical cords. Elegant festival lanterns store flat, and accordion open to be a sphere lantern. They collect sunlight all day and automatically turn on at dusk to cast a beautiful glow by night.

Soji™ solar lanterns are handmade, constructed of heavy duty nylon for outdoor use and available in an array of fantastic colors.

Our other cordless Soji™ Original Lanterns are equipped with two high-powered white colored LED bulbs. This model has two amber colored LED bulbs for a warm-toned glow. Also included are a stainless steel hanging handle, one AAA rechargeable battery, a photo light sensor and on/off power switch.

All Soji™ Original solar lanterns include an Alligator Clip for optimal hanging. The Alligator Clip easily fits our Soji™ hanging handles, enabling easy clip on/off hanging.

Each Soji™ Original cordless lantern comes with a Base Unit Accessory to convert the lantern into a table top unit if desired. Each of these two accessories is available for separate purchase to use with our other solar lanterns.

For optimum glow, allow the Soji™ lantern to charge one full day in direct sunlight prior to use.

Dimensions: 10" Round

Model# 29496

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